Please support our petition to UNESCO so that the Cíes Islands are considered a World Heritage site. It will only take a couple of minutes and it benefits all of us. Thank You!

The Cíes Islands are a natural paradise in the Vigo’s estuary that forms an impressive Marine-Terrestrial Natural Park. This archipelago consists of three islands: North or Monteagudo island, Middle or do Faro island and South or San Martiño island. The first two are joined by the beach Playa de Rodas and a natural breakwater. The islands were declared a Natural Park in 1980 and included in the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park created in 2002.

The Cíes Islands promise visitors an excellent tour in a highly protected area for a maximum enjoyment of nature. Surely this has to do with the Playa de Rodas having been awarded the title of “The Best Beach in the World” by the renowned British newspaper “The Guardian”.

It is worth to come and tour the islands, visit the beaches and enjoy nature in one of the few wild havens remaining on earth.


The Cíes Islands Geographical Location

The Cíes Islands are an archipelago in the municipality of Vigo. Located at the opening of the Vigo estuary are part of the famous Galician Rías Baixas (Lower estuary area). The distance from the city of Vigo to the islands is about 14.5 kilometers. The only way to get there is by sea using passenger transport services provided by various shipping companies or privately in your boat.

Location Map of the Cíes Islands, in Vigo’s estuary

Islas Cíes


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