Oia until Baiona

We begin our second stage leaving Oia behind us, we will pass near Cabo Silleiro, you will be able to appreciate the cannons that defended the coasts from possible invaders, such as the pirate Francis Drake, who arrived in our waters in 1585.

Before reaching Baiona, we will go up the old royal path to reach Baredo, we will shorten the journey by about 2 kilometers if we choose the coast, there are unpaved roads but the ascent is not too hard.

My option is to go down to the Virgen de la Roca, the work of Antonio Palacios, made of granite and marble, to reach the gates of the Castle of Monte Real-Parador Nacional de Turismo, we can do the path that surrounds it if we are not very tired It is worth it, we can also visit the replica of the caravel La Pinta, the food market and many other popular architectural works.

On March 1, 1493, Baiona was the first port in Europe to receive the news of the discovery of America, as the Caravel La Pinta arrived, captained by Martín Alonso Pinzón.

Baiona is also the southern start of the Vigo estuary, protected by the Cíes Islands, which are the heart of the Atlantic Islands National Park, which can be visited depending on the season from the port of Baiona.

The stage has a distance of 17.8 km, remaining 143.35 km to Santiago.

Follow the Route in Wikiloc by clicking: https://es.wikiloc.com/rutas-a-pie/2a-etapa-oia-baiona-18-km-41078578

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