So that everyone can enjoy the surroundings of the park as you found it there are rules of behavior and mandatory compliance throughout the Atlantic Islands National Park including the Cíes Islands.

Light up any kind of fire.

Throwing or depositing any type of garbage or solid or liquid waste outside the places conditioned for this purpose.

Camping outside of the places intended for that purpose.

Access the marked areas as not accessible to the public.
To annoy, injure, capture or kill wild animals
Take out, cut or damage vegetation.
Perform any activity that destroys, deteriorates or disturbs the unique natural elements of the area.
The collection, destruction or alteration of any elements with archaeological, historical or geological value, both terrestrial and marine.
The practice of diving without prior authorization.
Practice underwater fishing and sport fishing.
Carry or transit with any weapons, harpoons, submarine rifles or other similar tools.
The mooring and berthing of boats and navigation, unless express authorization has been given.
The placement of banners or commercials without authorization.
The use of loudspeakers or producing noises that can alter the natural tranquility of the place.
Disembark pets (except for a guide dog).
Introduce alien species and / or plants.
Disembark motor vehicles (except wheelchairs).
Filming or photography for commercial purposes, without prior authorization.