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Use the contact form to send us your questions regarding the Cíes Islands and its surroundings. ell us how your visit to the islands went, how was the experience for you. You can also tell us you if like the website and if you think we are missing out some particular content or if there is anything else you would like us to include.

There is more information available about the Cíes Island on the Wikipedia.

Send us your pictures and video recordings

You can also use the contact form to send us links to your Cies Islands’ homemade pictures and video recordings. Tell us about your experience, tips you would like to share with future visitors or just show us your trip photos.You may also use the following email address if you wish: [email protected]

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Islas Cíes Patrimonio de la Humanidad


Please support our campaign so that the Cíes Islands are considered a WORLD NATURAL HERITAGE SITE. It will only take a couple of minutesd and it benefits everyone.

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