The National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia is a dream place in every sense. If you are thinking about visiting the Cíes Islands specifically, today we want to talk to you about one of its islands: the island of Monteagudo, also known as North Island.

The island of Monteagudo is located to the north of the archipelago.

Peito Lighthouse

From this point you can see the Ons archipelago, Cabo Home, O Monte Facho and Costa da Vela. Cliff area, full of the famous “Namorar herb”. Also very close is a bird observatory, for some the most impressive on the island, since it is located next to cliffs and the number of birds is greater than in other areas of the island. The perfect opportunity to see cormorants drying their wings in the sun!

El Alto del Príncipe

The route to Alto del Príncipe runs mostly through groves of trees, so even on the hottest summer day, it is a pleasant route.

The view from it is simply impressive. You can see Faro Island, as well as the lake that unites them, Lago dos Nenos and Rodas Beach. The rocks have been eroded by the wind over the years, one particular formation is known as “The Queen’s Chair”, a shape that is as is and also with spectacular views. A privileged place from which to rest when reaching the top in addition to enjoying such a wonderful panoramic view. Furthermore, from this part of the island you can see a horizon of sea and immensity, where the sun sets and an ideal point to enjoy the best sunsets in Galicia.

Prince’s height” and “Queen’s chair”, curious names, don’t you think? Surely chosen to try to capture the greatness of the place.

Govi en la Silla de la Reina


Walk along cliffs

From Cantareira Cove to Figueiras Beach there is a route for the most prepared. It consists of walking from the cove to the beach just skirting the cliffs, it is not extremely risky but we recommend doing it only if you are fit and remember to step with very firm feet! Of course, only if the weather is good, since if the ground is too wet it will be easier to slip. The views along the entire route are worth it, and especially the one you have of Figueiras Beach is unique on the entire island.

Do you dare to visit the Cíes Islands? Tour the Island of Monteagudo and then tell us what you think.

Post collaboration of the shipping company Mar de Ons

Govi en la Playa de Figueiras

Govi en la Playa de Figueiras


Remember, the Islands are Everyone’s Heritage, let’s take care of them.

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