On which days and how often do the boats leave?

In low season (mid-September to June) trips are scarce.  During Easter time there are more trips, if weather permitting.

From June until mid-September daily trips are regular and often.

However, boats will only travel both in low and high season when weather permitting. With rough seas or boats will not depart.

How much are the Ferry tickets to travel to the Cies islands?
The ticket prices in high season are less than €20 for adults and around €5 for children. During low season children up to 12 years old travel free and adult tickets are around 15€. Follow these instructions, it’s simple.
First, get your authorization to get to the Islands.
And within a period of no more than 2 hours from when you have your authorization, reserve your ticket
Where can I buy Ferry tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices at the different boarding ports (Vigo, Baiona, Portonovo, Cangas) or you can buy tickets online here

How much time in advance do I need to book the tickets?

There is a daily limit of 2200 people to travel to the islands therefore it is not advisable to leave buying tickets until the last minute. During high season it is hard to buy tickets from one day to the next, especially at weekends. We do advise you to book tickets a few days prior to travelling which gives you more flexibility all-round.

Do I need a camping permit in the islands?

Yes you do. Please click on the link to do so:


Can I travel on my own boat to the Cíes Islands?

Sure you can, but you have to request an anchoring permit beforehand: Anchoring Permission

How far ahead must I get a camping permit?

We recommend booking the camping at least a month ahead as there is a high demand:


Can I take my dog or another pet?

The islands are a natural reserve and therefore no flora or fauna can be brought in.

Do I need a diving or snorkelling permit?

Any kind of underwater diving requires a permit, see here

Diving permit request: HERE

Why do we have to bring the thrash back from the island?

Because it is a protected area and it must remain thus. Please remember to take a plastic bag for all your thrash/detritus and bring it back ashore when you return.

How can I advertise with you?

You can contact us through our contact form or by email info@lasislascies.com and we shall be delighted to give you any further information.