The Cíes Islands through Vigo

The Cíes Islands are an archipelago in the municipality of Vigo in the Spanish province called Pontevedra which belongs to the region of Galicia in the North west of Spain, bordering the north of Portugal. Vigo estuary is part of the famous Galician Rías Baixas, a popular area that provides a high touristic interest due to its gastronomy as well as its coast populated throughout with beautiful beaches and scenery. The Rías Baixas are truly an unforgettable trip.

The only way to reach the island is by sea. Access to the park is currently limited to 2,200 visitors a day, it is advisable to book in advance both passenger tickets and camping space. If you decide to use a private boat it requires obtaining an anchoring permit. You also have to request permission to scuba dive in its waters.

We invite you to use Vigo as a starting or even ending point to your Cíes Islands visit.

Maritime Passenger Terminals

Currently there are regular passenger ferry departures beginning at Easter time and all through the Summer season, weather permitting always. Departures are from Cangas, Baiona and Vigo maritime passenger terminals.

Map Showing Maritime passenger Terminals to Cíes Islands

Estación Marítima de Vigo

Estación Marítima de Cangas

Estación marítima de Baiona

Ferry Services to the Cíes Islands

If calling from outside Spain, dial “+34” before the number

Getting to Vigo

Airports, Bus and Train stations: We provide you with the contact information of the various public service transport that can get you to Vigo.

Use the Virail tool to check schedules and cost of travel to Vigo by land or by air.



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