Map Showing Beaches and other Services on the Cíes Islands

On this map you can see the beaches as well as the different services available on the Cies Islands.

Click inside the map area to zoom the view in and out. We recommend expanding the map by clicking on expandir mapa and you will be able to see everything in greater detail. A sidebar is also available by clicking  barra lateral mapa, you can then show or hide on the map whichever items you wish.

Resources for your Cíes Island visit

The National Atlantic Islands Park website has available a variety of useful resources to fully enjoy a visit to the Cíes Islands. There you can find PDF guides as well as information on guided tours or expertise talks for groups. Please visit their website for more information on the subject.

The Restaurant on the Dock

The first thing you see when arriving at the dock on the islands is the restaurant-bar where you can eat, buy some sandwiches to take  away or just have a coffee on the terrace admiring the views.

The Camping Site

Something to consider before arriving to the islands if you plan to go camping in the Cies Islands is booking in advance as demand is very high, especially during summer season.

The camping site offers a wide variety of services, equipment rentals, leisure activities and it also has a Restaurant and Supermarket on the site.

To know more about the camp-site, please visit their webpage here.

The Camping Site in the Cíes Islands

The Beaches

One of the main attractions of the islands are its pristine beaches. Including the Playa de Rodas which is considered the best beach in the world by several critics in the tourism industry, including the British newspaper The Guardian.

Another very popular beach on the islands is Playa de Figueiras, by its appeal to naturism lovers.