Today we are going to show you a short video of a wonderful landscape view. Nature in all its splendor. The video is recorded in Cabo Home, which belongs to the municipality of Cangas de Morrazo.

Cabo Home is on the Costa Da Vela, the westernmost part of the Morrazo Peninsula and it is the closest land point to the Cíes Islands, just 2.5km away. The area itself similarly to the Cíes Islands is a natural unspoiled spot with walking routes, lighthouses and other scenic attractions worthy of a visit. Hopefully in the future we will get to cover this geographical area thoroughly with its own blog entry.

This is the map of the area so that you can see what I mean.

Next up, is the video recording. The camera management in the recording is not all that good it should be, however the picture quality is excellent, good weather accompanied the recording and it almost feels like a summer day instead of a January day, as it was.

In the video you can also see the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean to the North of the Cíes Islands (right side of the image) and to the south of the islands you can see the Ría de Vigo (Vigo’s Estuary) as well as the city of Vigo. At the mouth of the estuary of Vigo you can see some anchored ships waiting for berth or perhaps the provision of services from land. On bad weather days it is quite common to see numerous boats taking shelter near the Islands as there is a natural anchorage point for ships of great draft in addition to the protection offered by the estuary itself.

Just one last thing: look at the centre of the image, in front of the ship, to the right of the foam spot, at 1:13 min. You can discover a brief and small surprise.

Enjoy the video.