Tips for the Natural Park

OHEre are a few brief tips to enjoy the natural park to the full.


Try to keep a responsible attitude and collaborate whenever possible in the preservation of the natural space, after all it is everyones’ heritage.
Plan the visit. Find out about all that matters: regulations, timetables, access, services, activities …
Get informed in advance about which exactly are the travelling services offered by the ferry companies, especially in low season and on days with adverse weather conditions.
If you plan to go camping take into account that there is a limited amount of spots.
Once in the islands, go to the Information booths on the Park, to inform yourself about the activities currently available.
Visit if you can the Interpretation Centers of the natural park in Vigo. It will help you get a deeper knowledge of the islands.
Don´t leave public pathways.
Your safety is your responsibility. Do not engage dangerous activities such as getting too close to the cliffs or bathing in adverse sea conditions.
Loud noises diminish the environmental quality and prevent the enjoyment of the sounds of nature.  Try to avoid any type of environmental noise pollution.
It is better to follow the routes in small groups, you will enjoy it better.
Wear appropriate footwear and clothing to enjoy the islands; The boat trip on the upper deck is quite cool even in summer.
Take into account the weather conditions. Specially in summer. Replace liquids frequently and be sure to wear sunscreen.
Take into account the instructions established by the Park’s management and follow the instructions of the guides and guards. Please alleviate possible deficiencies or suggest improvements.
Take a bag to collect your trash and take it back to the port of origin. In the islands there are no litter bins, they must be kept free of all pollution.
Take a photographic camera or video camera and if you want you can also bring some binoculars. Please note that taking photos or recording video for commercial purposes requires prior authorization from the Park’s management.