The summer was over a few days ago. For the Cíes Islands this means the beginning tourist low season and although the number of trips and visitors to the islands is low, it is still a good opportunity to visit them.

The only thing that does not change when travelling to Cíes is to do a good planning. The ferry trips available are mostly weather dependant. So far, we continue to enjoy sunshine and good temperatures and thus the ferry companies still offer trips to the Islands.

The trips from now on will take place very sporadically, mainly on weekends and festivities. In any case, since there are no regular trips, you will need to consult the ferry companies’ websites to find out when there are scheduled travel dates. Both, the Piratas de Nabia and the Naviera Mar de Ons in websites  have tickets reservation systems where you can check the expected travel dates:


Calendario de VIajes a Las Islas Cíes - Mar de Ons

Calendario de VIajes a Las Islas Cíes – Naviera Mar de Ons

Calendario de Viajes a Las Islas Cíes - Piratas de Nabia

Ferry Trips Calendar – Naviera Piratas de Nabia


As you can see in the pictures weekends are marked as well as the 12th October festivity. It is possible that dates are added from one week to another, if you need more information about future dates, it is better to contact the ferry companies by phone, email or social networks and ask for any extra information they can provide.

As I have mentioned earlier on, the low season is a good opportunity to visit Las Islas Cíes for several reasons. The first reason is that you will get cheaper tickets for adults and free for children. The second reason is that the islands are quieter than in high season, less people and practically empty beaches, this allows you to enjoy more the views offered by the Cíes Islands in addition to being able to take some great photos!

Do not think about it again, enjoy the Paradise in Autumn!