Visiting the Cíes Islands

Every trip requires a minimal preparation.

Through this small text we are going to tell you some of the tips to have in mind when visiting the Cíes Islands. Only a few basic tips but will allow you to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

The main preparation when travelling to the Cíes Islands is to plan it well in advance in order to be able to get the tickets. The passage has limited seats and depending on the season in which you decide to visit the islands there will be more or less availability.

First Steps

A week ahead would be enough time if you only want to go over for the day, however, if you plan to spend a few days camping you must plan well in advance, at least a month, especially in the summer and on weekends. Telephone numbers and web addresses as well as other information belonging to the shipping companies and the camping site are available in our website for you to use.

Viajando a Cíes


It is also necessary to take into account a peculiarity of the Cíes Islands which is that there are no trash bins or containers. All the trash that you generate, you must take back to the port of origin, so provide yourself with suitable thrash bags.

The next tip is for those who come over for hiking and walking the islands as well as to enjoy the beach on the same trip. It is advisable to bring suitable footwear for the walk/hike. One of the most common mistakes is to come with beach flip-flops only to realize that you are hurting your feet. Do not let the trip be unforgettable for the wrong reasons and if you want to walk or hike bring comfortable shoes and suitable equipment.

Best moments to travel

In the summer, when traveling to Cies you have to be careful with the sun, the air in the islands is very pure and therefore the sun burns more. Even on a cloudy or foggy day you can burn yourself. A good sun cream with the right doses is necessary to avoid sunburn.

This is independent of the weather situation at the port of departure as you sometimes leave the maritime passenger station in bad weather only to see a completely sunny day arriving on the islands, or vice versa, there may be fog on the islands which will make the day cooler.

National Park

Finally we want to remind you that you are coming to a naturally unique and conservation protected place. Please leave everything as you found it so that others can come and enjoy it just like you. Enjoy all you can on the islands, admire the fauna and flora, bathe and play on its beaches and visit every single corner on the islands but please take care of them.

P.S. If you have been in the islands and you want to give future visitors some advice you can do so in the comments below.