Route Maps in the Cíes Islands

In these maps you will be able to observe some of the different routes that you can do through the Cíes Islands. Click on the map to zoom in or out. We recommend that you expand the map in to see it in greater detail or to open it in your maps application.

Faro Monte Faro Route

Approximate distance: 7 KM round trip

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Elevation: 175 m

Faro da Porta Route

Approximate distance: 5.3 KM round trip

Duration: 105 min. approximately

Slope: 55 m

Alto do Príncipe Route

Approximate distance: 2.5 KM round trip

Duration: 90 min. approximately

Elevation: 122 m

Faro do Peito Route

Approximate distance: 5 KM round trip

Duration: 120 min. approximately

Slope: 60 m