Map Showing Walking Routes on the Cíes Islands

On these maps you can see the different foot routes available on the islands.

Click inside the map area to zoom the view in and out. We recommend expanding the map by clicking on expandir mapa and you will be able to see everything in greater detail or to use your maps app to view it.

Faro Monte Faro Route

Approximate distance: 7 KM both ways

Time taken: 3 horas aproximately

Slope: 175 m

Faro da Porta Route

Approximate Distance: 5,3 KM both ways

Time taken: 105 min. aproximately

Slope: 55 m

Alto do Principe Route

Approximate distance: 2,5 KM both ways

Time taken: 90 min. aproximately

Slope: 122 m

Ruta Faro do Peito Route

Approximate distance: 5 KM both ways

Time taken: 120 min. aproximately

Slope: 60 m